【Learn about Lanzhou in one minute】Lanzhou's International "WeChat Moments"-- Young City, Australia



Lanzhou is known as the capital of roses, and in Australia, there is a city that produces all kinds of fruits and cherries: the city of Young, the capital of cherries.


The symbol of the city of Young is the cherry blossom, and the Cherry Festival is held every year, while the city flower of Lanzhou is the rose, and the Lanzhou Bitterwater Rose is famous in the world for its fascinating aroma.


You know, these two sweet cities have an indissoluble bond.


In November 1997, Lanzhou and Young City officially concluded a friendship city relationship.


Over the past 20 years, the two cities have carried out excellent exchanges and cooperation in the fields of education, culture and personnel exchange, and Young City has sent government delegations to visit Lanzhou and participated in the Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair for many times.


The people of the two cities are deeply attached to each other, and the relationship between the two cities is friendly and solid.

兰州日报社全媒体记者 何佳琪