【International students in community】Performing cross talk in Chinese-style gowns



Melik:Steamed lamb, steamed bear paw, steamed deer tail, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose......What’s next?


Wangshanmu: Hi Melik, what’s up?


Melik: I’m memorizing Guankou, let me tell you, I met a cross talk teacher in the community, and I’ve been learning it.


Wangshanmu: That sounds interesting, take me with you.


Cross talk emphasizes four fundamental skills: speaking, learning, teasing, and singing. Each of them is not easy at all. We are currently practicing the traditional cross talk called "Fanzhenghua". How do we say it? Take a look.


We have been rehearsing this cross talk for a week. The teachers have been teaching us the tone, movements, and performance. It's really not easy.


This is called "Kuaiban" , which is also a form of folk art in China. During the performance, actors only use bamboo clappers for rhythm, without the need for stringed instrument accompaniment.


Cross talk is a traditional folk art form that originated in China and has a long history. It has three main performance styles: solo, duo, and group.

王山木说“练了一周多,今天是我们第一次彩排,晚上就在这里登台表演,现在还真有点紧张。” “在中国人面前说中国相声,会不会有点关公面前耍大刀?”魅力克说。

Wangshanmu said, "after practicing for over a week, today is our first rehearsal, and we will be performing on stage here tonight. I must admit, I am feeling a bit nervous right now." "Performing Chinese cross talk in front of Chinese people, is it like wielding a big sword in front of Guanyu?Melik said.

表演结束后,魅力克说 “ 没想到我们的相声初舞台这么受欢迎,来了这么多观众,大家对我们的演出很认可。”

After the performance, Melik said, "I didn't expect our cross-talk debut stage to be so popular, with so many audience members. Everyone has shown great appreciation for our performance."


As an international student, I have been in China for more than 4 years. Even though our skin colors may be different, the experience of studying and pursuing my dreams in China never fails to surprise me. Chinese culture has a rich history, and besides learning the language and practicing calligraphy, after getting to know the cross talk, I have also fallen in love with this traditional Chinese art form, and I have learned more about Chinese stories and traditions from it.

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