Qilihe Yellow River Bridge


With the completion of a bridge, it laid a solid foundation for the bridge construction in Lanzhou at that time. It is the Qilihe Yellow River Bridge.


The Qilihe Yellow River Bridge is located in the Qilihe District of Lanzhou, connecting Anning East Road to the north and Dunhuang Road to the south.


It is an important passage connecting two districts. It also holds significant importance in improving Lanzhou's traffic conditions and facilitating the travel of citizens on both sides of the Yellow River.



In October 1956, under the guidance of Soviet technical personnel and designed by the First Design Institute of the Ministry of Railways, the Urumqi Railway Bridge Engineering Team completed the construction in two years.


This is also the first bridge with the largest span of reinforced concrete cantilever beams newly built by Chinese people themselves over the Yellow River, laying a solid foundation for bridge construction in Lanzhou at that time. 



However, after fifty years of operation, the bridge was in an unsafe state. 


In 2010, the bridge underwent maintenance and reinforcement, widening the bridge deck from the 18.4 meters to 23 meters and transforming it from a two-lane to a four-lane bridge. It resumed traffic in April 2011.



On both sides of the 276-meter-long bridge, there are small parks. The park is well-equipped with fitness and recreation facilities. In the afternoons, senior bands and traditional opera groups often practice here. 


On the north side of the Bridge is the Shilidian Bridge Terminal, where you can take a water bus.


Heading south along Dunhuang Road leads to the core of Lanzhou's commercial district, Lanzhou Center and Zhongtianjian Plaza.



In 2019, Lanzhou Center officially opened, becoming a comprehensive commercial complex and the "business center" of the city. 


At the same time, Zhongtianjian Plaza is only 1.5 kilometers away from the Qilihe Yellow River Bridge. It is an integrated urban complex that combines shopping, entertainment, leisure, office, and residential functions.


The bridge tightly connects the two sides of the Yellow River and playing a crucial role in promoting high-quality regional economic development.

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